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Online Name Numerology Services in Kerala

Free Name Report  from Top Numerologist Kerala

Name Numbers, yes indeed, are the most important parts of Numerology. Why is it important? Because when I assign a Name to someone, I make sure that the best placed planet/star in the birth chart is assigned as the Name Number. What does it do? It increases the power of the well placed star in your birth chart and gives you the desired luck. 

Name Numbers are assigned through various Numerological Systems like Chaldean, Pythagorean, Vedic etc. I have learned all the systems of Numerology and I use its combinations. My Numerological System is named as Numbur E-Science.

Number E-Science is a combined systems of Numerology and has a selective methodology of assigning names. I verify a name with its Numbers, Characteristics, Vibrations as well.

How to Calculate A Name Number?

Check the below values assigned to the alphabets and calculate your name numbers.

A name "Shahrukh Khan" is calculated as:

Shahrukh =  3+5+1+5+2+6+2+5= 29

Khan = 2+5+1+5=13

Total name number is 29+13= 42, a number for entertainment, no doubt we are getting best of entertainment from him.


Now you all can calculate your name numbers and then can relate to the information provided below. Let me know if it matches and even if its not.

Want to know how to calculate your name number? Visit this page.

Name Number and Its Correct Meaning

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