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Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology:


Chaldean numerology is a conversion of planets in Indian Astrology into Numbers. Hence considered the most accurate form of numerology and widely used. As per the DOB of the individual, the best planets are chosen and those are assigned into the name numbers.

Below you will find, what planets/stars are represented by which number.
1 represents Sun.
2 represents Moon.
3 represents Jupiter.
4 represents Rahu (imaginary node).
5 represents Mercury.
6 represents Venus.
7 represents Ketu (imaginary node).
8 represents Saturn.
9 represents Mars.


Types Of Numerology

There are three major numbers in Chaldean Numerology:

1. Birth Number or Psychic Number or Main Number
2. Destiny Number
3. Name Number

We cannot change the Birth Number and Destiny Number. But we can certainly change the Name Number to align it with the DOB. The importance of all three numbers is discussed below:


How To Calculate Birth Number

Birth Number: Your Birth or Main or Psychic number is the date you are born.This is the most important date of your life, isn't it? Indeed yes, we celebrate this date with a joy. This date has a specific influence on an individual’s personality. You will be knowing about these dates in my column Birth Number.  
How to calculate Birth or Main or Psychic Number:
If a person is born on 1st November, his/her main number is 1. When the name number is in two digits it is added to obtain a single digit. For example: a person born on 31 October has main number 4 (3+1).
Main number is very powerful till the age of 35-40 years, after this Destiny Number becomes more powerful. That is why we have seen people life changes all of a sudden. However there is always a role of Main Number.
There are Nine Birth Numbers and each number reflects a planet. Below is a quick look of positive and negative characteristics of each number and the planet it reflects.

Destiny Number

Destiny is such a nice word, but it is often misinterpreted with Luck. Luck can be good or bad, but as per our Hindu Vedas your destiny is always good. Destiny also means that it is your records of your previous birth. As already said in previous discussion persons destiny comes into picture after the age of 35-40 years.

How to Calculate the Destiny Number:
Destiny number is calculated by the sum total of your entire DOB. For example: a person born on 31 Oct 1982, his destiny number will be 31+10+1982=3+1+1+0+1+9+8+2=25=7. Similarly, a destiny number for a person born on 1 Nov 1982 will be 5. Calculate yourself.

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